THINC About It: Reading Christ in Scripture leads believers to a deepened appreciation for the true center of the Bible-Jesus Christ-and how the whole Scripture serves to reveal Him. By explaining five fundamental principles that guide a Christocentric reading of Scripture, author Jonathan J. Woodward shows how one's encounter with Jesus Christ results in worship and personal transformation. 

Each chapter explains a guiding principle, illustrates how it points to the revelation of Jesus Christ at the center of Scripture, provides explanations of several key words, and concludes with a section called "Think About It" that offers questions for individual reflection and small-group conversation. 

If your personal history of Scripture reading and study has led you to embrace the Bible primarily as a moral guidebook, a compendium of principles for good living, a collection of the histories of heroes, or a summary of messages for unbelievers, then THINC About It can help you dig deeper into the Bible's fertile ground. 

Through the use of the five principles, you can discover Scripture's core in the person of Jesus Christ. Whether you encounter these principles through personal reading and reflection or through sermons based upon them, the appeal of THINC About It: Reading Christ in Scripture arises from the changes in life that come from encountering Jesus Christ and responding to Him in worship.

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